How You Can Effectively Reverse Engineering A Sales Funnel To Get Results Now

Posted in Sales Funnel on October 18, 2018
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If you want effectively reverse engineering a sales funnel ClickBank is the place, this company help people to sell their digital products.

They sell everything from weight loss to gardening to how to make your own chicken coop in your own backyard.

I know it sounds weird but they've got everything in fact they've been doing this now for over a decade.

But what are the most successful sales funnels on ClickBank? How do you know how much money is going to do a funnel ?

First we need find a good funnel and second we have to know how much money these funnels are making.

So the first thing you need to do is go to and make click on Affiliate Marketplace link.

Then will appears this page, here is where all of the products are pretty much displayed and you're going to find them and how they work.

So if we come here on the left hand side will show you different categories and issues of products and you can sort by, you know, everything you'll just you got Arts entertainment betting business computers cooking, wine, food, like any Market that you're in or you want to be.

You can come see if it's something that's been tested or proven if there's something already selling on it.

Let's say Sports, guys love sports so if we check out some of the Sports Products we can see one of the top ones is a vertical jump training vertical jump training products.

You've seen lots of those on ClickBank and they sell very very well, here's another one on martial arts products.

We've got some pretty cool like singing method if you want to teach people how to sing just different funnels different products that are doing.

Inside ClickBank and outside of ClickBank we see a lot products about health and fitness this is just to give you perspective cook bank.

How does this market house ranking the products? well there is ranking system worked on the this marketplace.

How do we know that these are actually good funnels?

So by default we ranked by popularity which you can see right here, this is a mixture of performance sales performance refund rates conversion rates.

It's all summed up through an algorithm and despite in popularity.

It's performing the best and typically if you're on the top of the market place in the category you're doing several thousands tens of thousands of dollars a day in that product are top performers.

This kind of products reach platinum level all of them are doing a minimum 300,000 a year and that's minimum so these guys to reach our top leader board.

How do I know if they're making any money? and this is my number one way if they're listed in the top of the ClickBank they are idle this confirm that they're doing almost $50,000 a day.

If you really want to see overall top ClickBank products.

You just go where say Find Products and hit enter without writing anything.

This will Rank by popularity for all products on the whole thing and you know not yeah not dependent of category.

Then you can see probably anything on the top 10 pages is very successful tens of thousands a day.

Well its time to hack some product I'll pick FatDiminisher it looks like so we're gonna click on.

First step: analysis every element on the page: image, title, color, watch the video etc...

Then we are going to see what it looks like and what is going to be selling.

So the first thing, we're doing our final exam looking like what are they doing? And how are they doing it?

So on the home page you've got a video and then after the video play it took us to this order form right here.

So we know that the the price point they've proven works, obviously the number one probably make it who knows hundred grand a day maybe either make insane amounts of money and therefore an office 37 bucks.

I know they've proven this price probably making a $37 products.

When you find a product to emulate you have to pull your wallet out of your pocket open up for your credit card to buy it and see behind the scenes see what's actually happening and how was making this offer work.

Well, we're clicking pay now. Let's see what happens this is where I get for my $37 thing over here then we have our first upsell Look at the page.

They've got a headline right here at the top. There's a product shot image over here.

They've got their order box right here. The price they're selling for is $57 for the upsell and then they got kind of like more explanations.

What's in the product down here.

So they got another add to cart button down below.

All right, so get $57 for this so we're going to say yes, see what happens next then they takes us to next offer see step one, step two is now our next up.

So it's going to be a hundred ninety seven dollars

So we want to learn everything behind access this is a big part of of how we're going to create own products and services in the future, so learn how they next going to offer their next $197 upsells order.

Now we're down to the last pages final order step and there is a quality 80 percent discount on their other thing and come down here.

This is another product here. Mike Geary's product that we got special offer for nine dollars.

Now we can see exactly what we bought so we got a $39 thing we bought at $208 nine and sixty dollars products.

So there's the end!

So what's cool about that is now I'm going kind of sketch this out. Right?

We now have a blueprint like this is what we need to go and create if you're going to be successful always seeing other people are doing and then creating a blueprint just like this, now if I was doing this for real, I would go a lot deeper I look at again since $37.

What are people getting like what what's included in that product?

Is it like five videos and an e-book or what is it?

I would model the concept of how they're delivering with their Deliverance. because they've proven to work.

Our guess is on funnel hacking is probably making at least 10 Grand a day.

It's worth the $$$ investment that I had to pay to get this blueprint if I was going into that markets that make sense.

So for you the first kind of goal here is to figure out what's working in the market either you're in or market you want to be in and then go and final tax on the purchase the product, see behind the scenes what they're doing and now we've got a blueprint we can actually work off of alright.

I hope that it give you guys an idea first off if you don't have a business yet here you've seen how you find great ideas for companies and products to sell that you can model and have huge success.

And if you do have a company right now, this is an amazing place to find sales funnels are currently making twenty Thirty fifty a hundred thousand dollars a day if you want to get results please don't try to reinvent the wheel emulate success. Tony Robbins says: If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and emulate what they do and you'll achieve the same results.

When you finish the funnel you want, then you need to spy your competitors, their traffic source etc... and the best tool to do that is

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